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Community Plans

In addition to the countywide General Plan update, the County is also updating its existing community plans and preparing two new community plans.

The community plan update and creation process is a relatively new addition to the Trinity County General Plan Update project. The creation or adoption of new community plans were not originally part of the overall Update effort. In mid-2022, the Trinity County Board of Supervisors approved modifying the General Plan Update to include the updating and inclusion of new community plans in tandem with the preparation of the General Plan Policy Document. In response to the Board of Supervisors' direction, the General Plan Team initiated a series of workshops and exercises to assist in the formation and updating of the County’s community plans. The development and update of the community plans is a dynamic and ongoing process, evolving in response to changing needs, priorities, and external factors impacting the community.

Community Plan Vision Statement Survey Available Now!

The General Plan Team has drafted options for community specific vision statements that will help guide the development and direction of the goals, policies, and programs for the eight updated Community Plans and we need your help to select which option best represents your vision for your community!

The draft vision statement options were developed based on common themes, ideas, words, and phrases expressed by community members during the community plan workshops in March and April 2024. The results of this survey will include a proposed final community vision for further public review during the Community Plan Workshops this Fall.

Click the survey link below to view the draft vision statements and provide your feedback!

***Survey closes on Friday August 2, 2024, at 11:59 p.m.***

Thank you to those who were able to attend the March 4th workshops in Lewiston and Junction City, the March 14th workshops in Weaverville and Douglas City, the April 9th workshops in Hayfork and Hyampom, and the April 10th workshops in Post Mountain and Trinity Center!

Between March 4th, 2024, and April 10th, 2024, workshops were hosted in Douglas City, Hayfork, Hyampom, Junction City, Lewiston, Post Mountain, Trinity Center, and Weaverville to provide a project overview, present the existing conditions findings for each community, and gather community input to help establish a long-term vision for each respective community's future. If you were unable to attend your community's workshop and would like to provide feedback on your community's vision statement, you may do so by using the "Comment" button feature to the right of the screen or by using the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the screen. The posters presented at each workshop as well as the workshop vision activity worksheet can be accessed using the buttons below.

All Draft Community Plans Now Available!

The Draft Community Plans for Hayfork, Douglas City, Hyampom, Junction City, Lewiston, Post Mountain, Trinity Center, and Weaverville are now available for public review!

The draft community plans provide an overview of the community history and existing conditions including demographics, natural resources, environmental hazards, land use, zoning, utilities and infrastructure, and open space. The community plans will eventually include a community vision, goals, and policies that will be developed through a series of community workshops this Spring (2024).

On Tuesday, April 9th, 2024, the General Plan Update Team hosted community workshops to discuss the Draft Hayfork Community Plan and Draft Hyampom Community Plan.

On Wednesday, April 10th, 2024, the General Plan Update Team hosted community workshops to discuss the Draft Trinity Center Area Plan and Draft Post Mountain Community Plan.

These plans are being prepared as part of the countywide General Plan Update. The input gathered at these workshops will be used to create unique goals, policies, and priorities for each community that will guide future growth.

View the Community Plans: Click the links below to view the Draft Community Plans.

Draft Hayfork Community Plan

Draft Douglas City Community Plan

Draft Hyampom Community Plan

Draft Junction City Community Plan

Draft Lewiston Community Plan

Draft Post Mountain Community Plan

Draft Trinity Center Area Plan

Draft Weaverville Community Plan

What is a Community Plan?

A community plan is a strategic document that outlines the goals, aspirations, and development priorities of a community or a specific geographic area. It is a comprehensive and collaborative effort that involves input from community members, local government officials, stakeholders, and other relevant parties. The purpose of a community plan is to guide future growth, development, and decision-making within the community. Community plans are often created at the municipal or regional level, and they serve as a blueprint for informed decision-making by local governments and community organizations.

How are Community Plans Related to the General Plan Update?

Community plans offer community-specific policy recommendations than what's reasonable at the broader countywide level. They commonly focus on local concerns like land use, unique environmental features, hazards and safety, and public facilities. The countywide General Plan and adopted community plans work in tandem to steer future growth and development, striving to meet both countywide and community-level objectives. It's essential that all adopted land use plans align with the goals and policies outlined in the General Plan.

Future Events

Community Plan Workshops Round 3 | Draft Community Plans. | Spring 2024

In Spring 2024, dates yet to be determined, the General Plan Team will facilitate the third round of community plan workshops. These workshops will present the Draft Community Plans incorporated into the County General Plan for initial feedback, comments, and suggestions. As part of these workshops, County staff and the General Plan Team will solicit all community feedback for future Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors review.

Past Events

Community Plan Workshops Round 1 | Assets, Issues, and Opportunities. | November 2023

From November 1 to November 5, 2022, the General Plan Team facilitated workshops at 10 communities around the county. The workshops focused on how to better incorporate the 28 unincorporated communities into the overall General Plan update in preparation for the addition of up to five community and/or area plans, along with updates to the existing five for Weaverville, Hayfork, Lewiston, Junction City, and Douglas City. These workshops served as a forum for community members to discuss and learn about each other's views on their communities' assets, issues, and opportunities. The 10 community workshops included a range of participation levels based on location and yielded community input and expectations from each of the identified areas. 

Community Plan Virtual Exercises | Community Boundaries and Unique Identifiers. | July 2023

Between July 24 and August 11, 2023, the General Plan Team solicited additional community-specific needs and opportunities using an online mapping and survey tool. The Community Plan Survey is built upon the feedback collected during the November 2022 community plan workshops. The first part of the Survey asked community members to define the boundaries of their respective communities, as none of the communities in the county have officially adopted boundaries. The input collected was the foundation for determining each of the adopted community boundaries.

The second part of the Survey focused on identifying what makes each community unique from the perspective of its residents. Participants were tasked with pinpointing unique landmarks, distinguishing features, and community gathering places on a virtual map of their community. The insights gained guided the recommendations regarding which communities should receive a dedicated community plan.

Board of Supervisors Meeting | Determination of Community Plan Boundaries. | December 2023

On December 5, 2023, the General Plan Team delivered a presentation to the Trinity County Board of Supervisors which unveiled the outcomes of the Community Plan Survey and the next steps in the community plans project. During this meeting, the General Plan Team presented draft boundaries for the communities as recommended by the Planning Commission. These communities include Douglas City, Hayfork, Hyampom, Junction City, Lewiston, Post Mountain, Trinity Center, and Weaverville. The Board of Supervisors discussed, offered recommendations, and ultimately approved the proposed community boundaries.

Community Plan Workshops Round 2 | Community Plan Visioning. | March 2024

In March, the General Plan Team facilitated a second round of community plan workshops.

These workshops were held in:

Junction City and Lewiston on March 4th @ 5:30p.m.

Weaverville and Douglas City on March 14th @5:30p.m.

The workshops covered each community's respective community plan.

These workshops presented the approved boundaries for each community from the December 5, 2023 Board meeting, as well as revisited the selected Countywide Vision Statement and Guiding Principles. As part of this meeting, each community developed a community vision. This community-specific vision will help guide future goals, policies, and programs as part of the overall General Plan Update. Following this meeting, the County and General Plan Team will craft a community vision for each community and incorporate them into their respective draft community plans.

Approved Community Boundaries

In December 2023, the Trinity County Board of Supervisors approved community boundaries for the communities of Douglas City, Hayfork, Hyampom, Junction City, Lewiston, Post Mountain, Trinity Center, and Weaverville. These boundaries were developed by community members and are the first step in preparing new community plans for each of the communities. Please use the interactive map below to see each of the approved community plan boundaries.

Existing Community Plans

Trinity County has 28 unincorporated communities, five of which have adopted their own community plans that outline specific land use and development goals and policies at the community level to supplement the County’s General Plan. Please click on the images below to view each of the existing community plans.


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